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Indian Spices

Portfolio-Styling & Photography 

A curated collection of visually captivating images showcasing my expertise in styling and photography. From meticulous attention to detail in styling to skillful composition and lighting techniques, my portfolio reflects a seamless blend of creativity and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Lemon Cake

Food Photography

Capturing the essence of delicious cuisine through artful imagery. A mouthwatering visual feast that entices and engages food enthusiasts.

Bakery Photography

An enticing visual journey that celebrates the artistry and indulgence of Indian bakery and sweets.

E-commerce Photography

Capturing products in compelling visuals to enhance online shopping experiences and drive sales.

Sweet Croissants
Cocktail with Rosemary

Beverage Photography

Capturing the essence of thirst-quenching drinks through visually refreshing imagery.

Product & Fashion Photography

Capturing the allure and sophistication of fashion and products through stunning visuals.

Skin Care Products
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